The minister for Kampala Betty Kamya has said that the lord mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwago will not be paid his emoluments or any other related benefits worth UGX560m related benefits between   Nov 2013 – May 2016 until he gets clearance for the Court of Appeal.

Lukwago had earlier issued a December 2016 ultimatum to Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director Jenifer Musisi to pay his salary arrears and other emoluments that accumulated between December 2013 and May 2016, a position that was also communicated to the minister for Kampala.

The parliamentary committee in September summoned Ms Kamya, Mr Lukwago, Kampala Capital City Authority executive director Jennifer Musisi and all the five city division mayors to know the status of the payment of Lukwago’s salary arrears, city markets and other projects.

However, when asked about government’s directive to pay salary arrears of former deputy lord mayor, Mr Sulaiman Kidandala, yet Mr Lukwago hadn’t been paid, she noted that Lukwago’s payment had legal strings attached and so he couldn’t be paid.
“The Lord Mayor was impeached and he went to court to challenge his impeachment. Justice Mugambe ruled that he should be paid but government later asked to appeal, a demand Justice Kavuma endorsed. When Justice Kavuma granted the appeal, the Lord Mayor again went to the Supreme Court, challenging the authority for Justice Kavuma to sit alone when it should have been a bench of three judges,” Ms Kamya said. She added: “The constitutional court ruled that it should be heard by the three judges and they have never sat down to decide on the same and that’s why government can’t process his payment. Although we had pledged to pay him, the solicitor general advised us that government can still appeal and we wait for court’s ruling.

Mr Lukwago said he had reminded the minister about payment of his salary arrears but hasn’t got any response. He said he will make a follow up to know the status of the matter because he won the case and that there are no legal constraints that can deter him from fighting for his constitutional right.

However, in a recent letter addressed to the city boss, dated 2nd January, Kamya says Lukwago will not be paid his emoluments until the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court determine whether or not he was lawfully removed from office.