By  Kiyimba Bruno

Kampala meat packers is still a quiet place not as it always behaves in period like this. Simbwa Quraishi, a goat seller at this place cries to farmers to sell to them animals cheaply.

According to Simbwa, he does not expect to earn enough money this Christmas season since people are broke and traffic is too tight. On top of this,they end up buying animals expensively since farmers believe that this is the  only period that they can earn something .

He adds that they buy meat in kilograms and each kilogram of the goats meat is ranging between UGX 12,000 and UGX 15,000, an amount which is still low.

Beef is at UGX 8000 per kilogram as  sold to wholesalers.

“People are too broke, we thought that by this time we would have many customers buying but now days selling four cows is a tag of war” says  Simbwa


Abdala , a butcher-man at Kampala meat packers says that he still has hope that by Friday more animals shall flow in and the number of customers shall increase.

Business is still normal as it is always in this place. Customers coming in and going out. Some buying while others just asking prices and end up going away without buying anything.

More updates shall follow on Friday.