By Namugerwa Martha

President yoweri Kaguta Museveni has promised coffee farmer Mr Jjuko to support and upgrade his farm to a demonstration facility while attending youth minister Nakiwala Kiyinji thanks giving ceremony held in kibinge, Bukomansimbi which will help serve the people of this district.

President Museveni who toured mr Jjuko’s farm found it interesting that he earns shs 93 million annually from coffee only.

President Museveni also found other agricultural activities that are going on at the farm like piggery and chicken rearing which impressed him so much.

“Upgrading your farm to a demonstration facility is going to help many Bukomansimbi farmers to improve on methods of farming and animal rearing which will help them increase on their income through agriculture.” President Museveni said.

Relatedly, the President also launched a coffee initiative in kibinge Bukomansimbi called Kibinge Instant Coffee during his visit in Bukomansimbi south constituency at the youth minister Nakiwala Kiyingi thanks giving ceremony to help sensitize about coffee growing in this district.

Hon. Kiyingi told the president that the district is under a campaign of adding value to coffee that has been invented by the Buganda kingdom to sensitize and encourage farmers grow coffee at large scales.

President Museveni promised to help this initiative by providing the necessary equipments and seedlings to promote coffee growing in this district.

“Coffee growing is going to improve Uganda’s economy because it has done it before years ago as well as improving your income while working at home.” President Museveni said.