President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni after conducting a series of security meetings to determine the fate of Crime Preventers, he has finally endorsed stay of the organization.

Coordinated by a youthful lawyer, Blaise Kamugisha, the anticipation was the group believed to have 5 million members would be disbanded after the sacking of its patron Gen Kale Kayihura as IGP.

Blaise is a relative of the former police chief and the two have been close while in executing their duties.

Whereas this organization was established as vigilante bloc to detect crime, it later turned out to be powerful drawing ire among senior police officials.

These senior officials wondered why crime preventers won the General’s loyalty that fast.

Blaise had since then started executing covert mission of the institution even when he is not a fully trained police officer.

Trouble arose when crime preventers were cited in committing crime thus threatening the stability of the country.

It also emerged that the group was using police’s huge budget to run its operations in Bwebaja.

After the sacking of Kayihura, reports doing rounds indicated that the new IGP would decide Crime Preventers fate.

Over the weekend, however, pictures of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and Crime Preventers coordinator Blaise Kamugisha circulated on the social media as the two were at President’s upcountry home in Rwakitura.

On Monday, the two travelled together from Rwakitura in a helicopter to Entebbe State House.

When reached, Blaise declined to divulge more details of the meetings but said, “all I can tell you brother is the future of Crime Preventers is bright.”

On issues of gross misconduct exhibited by his members, Blaise, responded, “We shall talk about that some other time comrade.”

He stated that he has met the President many times to streamline issues of his organization.