At around 2pm on Friday 13th April, Racheal Njeri Njoroge walked into the Academic Registrar’s department at Makerere Senate House (level 5) to chase for her transcript.

She came across a man she later learnt was Edward Kisuze. He reluctantly offered to help her receive her academic documents but not immediately. She had to return at 4pm. He was tired and going for lunch first. On return, Njoroge was delighted to learn her papers were ready. Kisuze handed them over to her and, as she checked them to verify everything therein was okay, Kisuze unexpected commenced his moves.

He started fondling her while confessing how much he loved her. On overcoming her resistance, Kisuze forcefully kissed her whereafter he peeled off her dress and forcefully started licking her yoyo.

At some point she tactfully gave up the resistance and concentrated on taking the photos with her phone of the randy Makerere boss in action. When she played along, the sex monster took this for involuntary consent, forcefully spread her legs and started fingering her yoyo as if he was her boyfriend or fiancé. All this, according to heroic Njoroge, happened in room 507.

She says she is well known to a guy famously called Steven who sits in the next room but Kisuze strangled her too much that Steven couldn’t even hear the alarm she initially kept raising after confirming that Kisuze had firmly locked the door to room 507.

Having suffered this traumatizing encounter on Friday, Njoroge (saying the Kisuze fingering exceeded what she has ever encountered) on Monday returned to Makerere and reported to Academic Registrar Alfred Namoah Masikye. Students have since commended Njoroge for her heroic act and Racheal Musinguzi, a Makerere student leader writing on social media, clearly captured the mood among many female campus students regarding what happened.

“This is an innocent girl who went to certify her transcript only to be taken advantage of by the man in charge. It’s such a shame to see that MAK is still harboring such unprofessional individuals. He has since been suspended from office but that shouldn’t be the end. We hope justice prevails eventually,” Musinguzi furiously posted. Many others concurred with her unanimously agreeing that Njoroge is indeed “a very brave girl.”

The rage expressed on social media prompted the ever very indifferent Makerere management to act with unusual swiftness. And within hours of the matter becoming public, with the photo of Kisuze digging deeper into Njoroge’s yoyo going viral, the DVC Finance and Administration the wealthy Prof William Bazeyo wrote to Edward Kisuze immediately putting him on suspension.

According to Bazeyo, the fondling took place inside the academic office which is ill-fated Kisuze’s place of work. In Bazeyo’s letter the sexist don is identified as Kisuze Edward who is also an administrative assistant in the Academic Registrar’s office.

The student, who is seen in the photograph having her private parts licked, is according to Bazeyo called Racheal Njeri Njoroge. She must be a Kenyan and Bazeyo confirms that on Monday 16th April, Njoroge petitioned the Academic Registrar’s office claiming sex harassment and forceful sex acts by Mr. Edward Kisuze, a man seen in the photograph struggling to reach her private parts for his own pleasure. See more in Bazeyo’s letter which is self-explanatory. We also have a facebook extract of some images shinning a torch on who Njoroge is. We are also sharing some of Mr. Edward Kisuze’s photos