Muhabura Diocese Vs H. E Mulenga, Alex Muganza Iron sheets case adjourned until May 2018

Kisoro court yesterday adjourned the Muhabura Diocese Vs H. E Cesar Mulenga and Alex Seruganda Iron sheets case until 10th May 2018 when it will give it’s ruling on the preliminary objection by the latter’s lawyers who contend that Muhabura diocese was not in position to sue them.

On their part, Mulenga and Eng. Niyonsaba, through their lawyers led by Ngaruye Ruhindi argued in court that Muhabura Diocese is not a body corporate, since it lacks a certificate of incorporation, and therefore can neither sue or be sued.

These asked court to dismiss the case with costs.

The magistrate would later adjourn court for a ruling which he would give on 16.04.2018.This didn’t happen for he says he was busy and wasn’t able to do the same thus the adjournment.


The Registered Trustees of the Diocese of Muhabura led by the Bishop Cranmer Mugisha dragged the two to court, alleging that in November last year, they donated 650 iron sheets to Muganza Church of Uganda which is under, Muhabura Diocese a donation said caused conflict between the Christians and top Diocese leadership since according to the diocese through its synod, had halted any more donations from Mulenga.