By Kiyimba Bruno
Kiyimba. bruno@gmail. com

Ugandan Kick boxer Ronald Mugula vowed to send Umar Semata back to the grave.
In a function that took place at Zion hotel Kampala, both fighters were in good shape and looked ready for today’s battle.

Mugula says that the fights he has done have given him more than enough experience to win opponent Semata.

“This is just a young boy. Semata I promise you that I shall bit you and bit you until you cry loughingly that you cannot breath.” Mugula promises.

When Semata was given time to talk,all he could say was that he was sure that he was going to win.

When all the kick boxers went for the weighing scale, Mugula weighed 72.2 kg as his opponent Semata finalised with

Kenneth madu from S.Sudan weighed 82.6kg as his opponent Batunu Musa came up with 82.9kg.

Uganda’s Mubiru Sharkey had 79.9kg as opposed to odoch Ronald who weighed 68.9kg.
UPDF’s Tumukunde John weighed 63.3kg as opposed to Sewankbu Oscar who came up with 64.3kg

The fights are stated today at the mtn arena Lugogo where entrance shall be ugx40,000 ordinary and ugx 60,000 VIP yet a table is only ugx100,000.
Games are to kick off from 7:00pm