By Kiyimba Bruno

The members of parliament have stood up to their toes that they know where the money is that the government has to reduce in order to help the elderly.

This was said to the Minister of gender labour and social development Hon Peace Mutuuza as she closed the parliamentary forum for social development that took place at Hotel Imperial Royale in Kampala.

Mbwatekamwa Gaffa, the MP Mubende says that the MPs shall not pass the budget unless the government caters for the elderly.

“If it means reducing the president’s budget so as to get money for the old, let it be reduced.” Says Mbwatekamwa. He adds that all the members of parliament were taught by money of these elderly people. So there is no need of enjoying the hot cake when they are suffering.

Eng. James Waluswaka the MP Bunyole south is also not happy with the way government treats elderly.

“It is a shame to see that we go back to Christmas but our parents are waiting for our money to have what to prepare for Christmas.” He adds.

The minister Hon Peace Mutuuza said that despite the significant services on the government, there are many systems that the government of the republic of Uganda has been implementing in order to make sure that the service of the elderly is tapped. It is on this note that she mentioned the 16th June piloting social assistance that was done in 2010 and managed to cover 500,000 beneficiaries.

She tried to request them come up on where they want the budget to be reduced and on mentioning the women fund, many opposed to it saying that the money for the elderly should be cut from budgets like Army, security, and energy among many more.

Very soon the parliamentary forum for social development is going in for elections and all seats are given a two term limit.

Hon Flavia Kabahendo, the outgoing chairperson says that she has no reason of going for the second term. She says that she has to leave others also to taste the seat.

The posts that are to be competed for are chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, publicity, treasurer as well as the regional representatives from the south, east, west and the north