Female Youth MP, Anna Adeke Ebaju has addressed the media at Parliament urging the public not to be hoodwinked by the submissions of the Attorney General (AG) Mwesigwa Rukutana on the proposed Constitutional Amendments to lift the presidential age limit.

Yesterday, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga,  barred legislators from discussing the proposed Constitutional (Amendment) Bill that seeks to remove the presidential age limit.

In her communication during plenary, Kadaga said she doesn’t know where the agitation and excitement on the proposed bill is coming from. The media has been awash with stories and commentaries on the proposal by government to amend article 102(b) of the Constitution, which sets the presidential age limit at 75 years.
During the plenary, Kadaga tasked the Deputy Attorney General, Mwesigwa Rukutana to state government’s position on the matter. In his response, Rukutana said he wasn’t aware of the source of the debate on the proposed constitutional amendment bill.
Following Rukutana’s submission, Kadaga directed MPs against any other discussions on the matter.



However, despite the directive, Adeke on Wednesday morning mobilized youth leaders into Parliament to respond to the Attorney General’s submissions.

“The attorney general’s submissions are false, misguided and misleading to the public; government has a very bad track record; they have told a lot of lies and should not be trusted on this either,” Adeke said.

The youth leaders from different political parties noted that there is no way the AG could pretend to be acting against his boss, the Minister of Justice, Gen. Kahinda Otaffire who has repeatedly confirmed the existence of the Bill.

“The AG is just misleading the public, he can’t disagree with the decision of his boss, the Minister of Justice who during the burial of the late John Ssebana Kizito assured us that the Constitution isn’t a bible that it shouldn’t be amended,” said Paul Ssembajwe the UYD Vice President.

“Whether the amendments are being discussed or not, we are continuing with the campaign against the amendment and we shall be traversing the entire country speaking to both the youth and the elderly,” Ssembajwe said.

Adeke has not only defied the Speaker by debating the lifting of the age limit but also inviting strangers to address the media in the premises of Parliament which the Speaker also banned.

Speaking on her actions of defying the Speaker’s orders, Adeke said she addressed the media not only in her capacity as an MP but as a youth.