Hon. Tumusiime has warned Entebbe residents over causing stampede around State House premises because they want to meet President Museveni. She stressed that unless one is on the list to meet President Museveni, they cannot be allowed to enter state House.


She further voiced her concern over the now contentious Age limit debate that is all over the country including her constituency Entebbe Municipality.


MP Tumusiime who was addressing a village community meeting in Kiwafu East zone on Friday revealed that Ugandans including Entebbe residents spend most of their time from morning to evening talking about the Age limit instead of concentrating on their jobs. She stated that parliament is yet to formally start debating article 102 (b) in the constitution regarding the age limit however Ugandans including Entebbe residents are talking about it like crazy forgetting their jobs.


She said that the NRM is committed to fulfilling the 2016 manifesto promises and those discussing the age-limit are being diversionary.

Several residents turned up for the meeting.
Several residents turned up for the meeting.

During the meeting, Hon. Tumusiime also pledged to lobby for standby water pipes in the area because majority of the residents lack access to safe water.  She also appealed to all the residents who are interested in acquiring Tailoring, Bakery and hair dressing skills through the Sseninde Foundation to register for the August intake. She also tasked Entebbe residents to engage in small scale Agriculture in their homes not to suffer the same hunger that ravaged several districts in Uganda early this year.