James Kakooza, the Kabula County Member of Parliament has stated that there should be more debate on the presidential age limit instead of stopping it. Kakooza is one of the MPs at the centre lifting term limits in September 2005 and now pushing the removal the age limit above 75 years.


The MP argues that this section is in contravention with rights of people above the age of 75 to stand for presidency.


The MP forgets that those belong the age of 18 also have rights but they don’t vote and can’t become president, that Ugandans leaving abroad have the right to vote but they don’t vote.


The law was in good faith to prevent leaders from extending their stay in power beyond Ntondo age.


Let me remind you that the same MP in 2009 was sued by his wife Enid Tuhirirwe seeking divorce on grounds that he had committed incest and cruelty. Ms Tuhirirwe claimed Kakooza used to sneak into the bedroom of his biological daughter under cover of darkness and have “Kundi Kundi”(sex) with her.


She said Kakooza’s behaviour forced her to run away from their home in Makindye, Kampala.


The MP in his defense argued that he used to enter his daughters bedroom to check on the “baby” his daughter had a child but since now the only father to that baby is the MP himself.


The wife wonders why checking on the baby resulted into sex noise…… “kandi nyoowe gitele daddy” yiyi lol


At this rate am not surprised at the type of people trying to remove the age limit.