By Namugerwa Martha

Lowila Oketayot, Chairperson of agriculture committee in Parliament has advised government to stop seed transfer from one region to another today because this causes rapid spread of diseases that affect crops as well as animals.

Hon. Lowila Oketayot who is also the woman MP of Pader district said that the government has been taking seeds from one region to another as a way of helping Uganda increase on the agricultural production so that to stop the famine break out in the country.

“The more the government transfers the seeds from a region to another the more diseases spread in other regions therefore the production is hindered.” Hon. Oketayot said.

Hon. Oketayot added that some regions have diseases that are not found in other region therefore if you take seeds to those regions yet not treated it means you took the diseases too.

“Some diseases not only affect the crops but also the animals in that region where the seeds are transferred,” Hon. Oketayot added.