Minister for Youth and Children Hon. Nakiwala Kiyingi has today toured the Streets of Kampala to ascertain the status quo of street children.

“I have instructed the population to avoid giving money and other incentives to these children as its very clear that it’s now a business,” Nakiwala said.

The government and KCCA time back launched a campaign to take street children and beggars off the streets in Kampala, However, the process did not go without hurdles.

Over 80 per cent of street beggars on city streets are said to be from Karamoja, according to local authorities and humanitarian agencies such as Unicef that have conducted studies on the children’s movement.

The street beggars are mainly children and women. It is estimated that between 200 and 400 women leave Karamoja every month for Kampala.

Between February and March, KCCA is estimated to have relocated over 100 beggars per week from the city into Kampiringisa Rehabilitation Centre. The centre houses nearly 900 Karimojong youth but the majority were relocated to Kobulin Transit Centre in Moroto District.

People who act as Good Samaritans and donate money and food to the children have apparently frustrated efforts to relocate them.

Time back, KCCA promised to pass a by-law criminalalising the giving of money or other items to street children but the law is yet to come.