Makerere University just a few days after its reopening  decided to demolish all local private food restaurants around the university premises. These food restaurants were mostly utilized by the privately sponsored university students to access food as an alternative to the food served in halls of residence. It’s alleged that most of these food points were operating illegally in the university in addition to being unhygienic in their operations according to what was said by the vice chancellor Prof. Ddumba Sentamu. The space generated could be used for future development.

However, this move by the university has been greatly criticized by the students citing that it would cause congestion in halls of residence dining halls hence causing delays since the catering companies also have a provision for privately sponsored students to buy food, which is different from that prepared for the government sponsored students.

Apart from halls of residence and these restaurants, some students especially those staying in hostels or rentals outside the university access food from local restaurants in within or cook for themselves.

A plate of food in these restaurants on average would go for a minimum of 2,500/= for local food meanwhile in the halls of residences, for privately sponsored individuals, different individual dishes cost a minimum of 500/= to about 1000/= meaning one would decide to either buy posho or rice at 500/= or 1000/= depending on the amount one is interested in.

In 2013, the university passed a directive to reduce on the number of kiosks around its premises. Most of the kiosks that were demolished were dealing with telecommunication services like mobile money and airtime cards.