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10 Pink Roses and Chocolate Truffle Cake- 500 gms

UGX70,000.00 UGX63,000.00

12 Layered Red Roses in Jute Wrapping

UGX52,000.00 UGX46,000.00

12 Red Carnations Bouquet & Cadbury Celebrations Box

UGX60,000.00 UGX55,000.00

20 Carnations Bouquet & Dairy Milk Silk Combo

UGX80,000.00 UGX76,000.00

Chocolate Rose Bouquet

UGX40,000.00 UGX35,000.00

Chocolate Rose Bouquet

UGX40,000.00 UGX35,000.00

Dairy Milk Silk & 12 Red Carnations Bouquet Combo

UGX70,000.00 UGX65,000.00

Graceful 10 Red Roses Bouquet

UGX50,000.00 UGX43,500.00

Red Roses Romantic Combo

UGX102,000.00 UGX98,000.00

Red Roses with Cake Standard

UGX100,000.00 UGX96,000.00

Red Velvet Heart Cake 1kg

UGX85,000.00 UGX75,000.00

Roses with Teddy Bear, Dairy Milk & 1 Kg Truffle Cake

UGX114,000.00 UGX104,000.00

Special Surprise Arrangement

UGX72,000.00 UGX68,000.00

Two Red Hearts As One Basket Arrangement

UGX100,000.00 UGX92,000.00

Valentine Heart Shaped Cake 1kg Chocolate

UGX75,000.00 UGX68,000.00

Win Her Heart Love Combo With Chocolate Cake

UGX135,000.00 UGX125,000.00
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