By Kiyimba Bruno

Police together with KCCA has today demolished the suburbs of container village and in the due course, one man happened to lose his teeth.

According to the citizens of the place, they were not given any documentation of warning towards the departure from the area, but were again surprised to see that his morning, their business areas were demolished.

Sekikofu Saziri, the area chairman claims that in the recent two weeks, police came and collected UGX 3.5m from them which money was to be used to allow them stay in the place.

A huge afande with a big stomach came two weeks back and took UGX 3.5m from us. But now he is the one again who lead the drive to demolish our property.

Mwesigye Silver, the acting defence of the community under the group code named ‘action parked’ says that they were using this place for survival, an incidence that had pulled many from stealing and rather resort to working.

‘It is time for us to still again. Police twegweko’ says Mwesigye.

As they expressed their grief, a young man came out with blood claiming that he was beaten by the same group of robbery and they took all his belonging. His teeth were flooded with blood. When he went to the police patrol that had blocked the road for help, all they could do was to give him a bottle of water to clean his face.