Just days after launching a new graduation gown, Makerere University is in the process of patenting its design to to protect it from counterfeiting.

The move comes as reports emerged this week that the newly introduced gown, to be used for the first time at the 67th graduation ceremony on February 21, has been counterfeited by local tailors in and around Makerere.

Makerere University unveiled a customized university graduation gown ahead of the 67th graduation ceremony scheduled to take place from 21st to 24th this month.

The institution’s senior public relations officer, Ritah Namisango said the gown with special features was purposely customized to provide uniformity of the academic dress for graduands, and also to rekindle the memories of this special day in the lives of graduands.
She explained that for the forthcoming graduation ceremony, the customized gowns will be sold to graduands at sh75, 000 on a first come first serve basis, while the usual gowns cost between sh30,000 to sh40,000.

“These gowns are being sold only at Makerere University, senate building, basement stored, they are already out and graduands are buying them,” she pointed out.

“It is not mandatory to buy the customized gowns, graduands who will not be able to secure the customized university gowns are at liberty to buy other gowns from the open market as has been the practice,” she said

Contrary to earlier speculation that Makerere University’s 67th graduation ceremony will have around 12,000 students graduating, the latest report from the university shows that the ceremony will feature more than 15,000 graduands.

The university’s public relations officer Ritah Namisango says that the increasing number of graduands day-by-day has been brought by students’ compliance with the graduation requirements.

“This year we had speculated to have 12,000 graduands but the number is increasing, and as of today, over 15,000 are in the graduation system,” she said.

“These include Undergraduate, Post-graduate diploma and Master’s programs as well as 77 PhDs.”

Namisango said the mentioned number of graduands is not the final as the system keeps reconcialing others.

“As earlier mentioned, graduation and the upcoming academic program has not changed. The graduation ceremony will take place when continuing students are in a one-week residential break.”

Graduation requirements

For a student to appear on the graduation list, he/she must have completed the course load (credit units) of a given study program and without any retake in the final year.

A student must have completed all the university payments including graduation fees and clearance from related university offices.

Graduation program

According to the University Academic registrar Alfred Masikye Namoah, the program will kick-off on February 21 with five colleges; College of engineering, design art and technology (CEDAT), college of agricultural and environmental sciences (CAES), college of veterinary medicine, animal resources and biosecurity (COVAB), college of natural sciences (CONAS) and the school of law graduating on the same day.

Students from college of business and management sciences and college of computing and information sciences will graduate on February 22 while those from Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and the college of health sciences (COHS) will graduate on February 23.

Students from College of humanities and social sciences (CHUSS) and the college of education and external studies (CEES) will be the last to graduate on February 24.