Minister for Justice and Constitutional affairs; Maj. Gen.Kahinda Otafiire has lashed out at Capt. Kahonda’s supporters calling them stupid who just talk what they don’t understand.


Kahinda dismissed allegations that he uses his office to trouble Capt. Kahonda and the people of Ruhinda constituency at large.


Scores of supporters of the jaile Ruhinda County MP, Donozio Kahonda, travelled from the western district of Mitooma to State House in Entebbe to seek the president’s intervention in their MPs case.

The group which attempted entry into State House but was denied by Protocol and Special Force Command (SFC) officers have camped at the gate and vowed not to leave until President Yoweri Museveni explains why Justice minister Kahinda Otafiire is allegedly using his office to harass their MP.


Kahonda was sentenced to 9 months in prison in June for forgery and uttering false documents.


Kahonda was elected the MP for Ruhinda County in last parliamentary election, defeating Maj. Gen.Kahinda Otafiire who had been in the seat since 1994.


Kahonda is currently in Kirinya Government prison serving a nine month imprisonment following a forgery case filed against him by the state. However, he has appealed to the high court and applied for bail which is to be heard on 24thJuly 2017.


Since Kahonda’s detention his supporters have been accusing minister Kahinda Otafiire of using his office to antagonize Ruhinda voters.