By Kiyimba Bruno

The government of the republic of Uganda is to provide construction as well as other equipments to the districts. This was revealed  to the district CAOs during a meeting with the permanent secretary at hotel Africana this afternoon.

The vehicles shall consist of what they have called a control  to monitor the  different movements of the vehicle also generate reports about the car.
Minor repairs are to be done by the CAOs at the district who shall need to have somebody who knows how to communicate with the gadgets.
Other equipments to be issued are tractors, wheel loader, vibral loader, 2 tippers as well as 2 vehicles used for moving water
there shall be regional maintainance workshops which include Gulu,Arua,as well as Mbarara.

Those who shall apply for these jobs of driving mus posess the following as told to the CAOs, have to be 18 years and above, able to perform all duties which include, driving and operatoring the equipments, must be residents of the said districts as well as having a clean medical report.
Many of the CAOs were happy about this but asked  government to increase even on amount of money for fuel since UGX200m is not enough.