Live bullets and teargas have rocked Pader Town Council in Pader district this morning after hundreds of youth took to the streets protesting the proposed lifting of the presidential age limit.

The angry youth have blocked all roads leading to the district by burning car tyres while others are holding manila placards bearing the words “do not rape the constitution, we stand by article 102 (b), and MP Odonga Otto we stand with you in the fight against the removal of age limit”.

The youth have also attacked police that was trying to arrest Pader Town Council LCIII Chairperson, Fearless Wodacholi Kilama, who is accused of mobilizing the youth to demonstrate.

Kilama says they have decided to join the rest in the country to defend the Constitution by all means.
However, the District Police Commander, Samuel Abedi, says all demonstrations will be quashed.

Similarly, parliament business on Tuesday afternoon came to a stand still when members traded blows on the floor of Parliament following claims that one of them smuggled a gun in the House.

This drama started after Speaker Rebecca Kadaga said the Order Paper had been amended to include the controversial motion to amend the age limit cap on presidential candidates.

After Kadaga had spoken about the amendment, Opposition members alleged that one of the legislators had entered the House with a gun. The Busongora North MP William Nzoghu, claimed that some members had entered the House with guns, adding that even the Speaker was not safe to debate in such an environment.

“Madam Speaker, I would like to seek your indulgence, for members to leave the chamber to be checked again,” appealed MP William Nzhougu.

Medard Sseggona asked the Speaker to adjourn the House and ask security to conduct a thorough search.

However, Ms Kadaga said she could not adjourn he proceedings on mere allegations. Proceedings were at this point stopped for about 20 minutes as the legislators shouted at each other, made noise and at some point threw chairs around. All this time, Ms Kadaga kept quiet and looked on.

State Minister for Water, Mr Ronald Kibuule was specifically accused by Opposition and Independent MPs of having come to the House with a gun. He however denied the accusation.

Kadaga then allowed a search to be made for a gun. After it was done, she declared there was no weapon in the house and the proceedings should go on.