By Kiyimba Bruno


By Kiyimba Bruno

The Vice Chancellor of Kampala International University [K.I.U] Dr. Mouhamad Mpazamihingo has announced a 2017 year project plan that is going to help to curb unemployment among youths in Uganda.

Speaking to the press in a media briefing this afternoon, Dr. Mpazamihingo said that K.I.U is rolling out an institute of technical and vocational education as well as launching up an entrepreneurship programme that will help the youths.

The institute is staged to help the youth who drop out of school and end up being unable to do productive work for both their families as well as the nation.

He adds that through volunteering, youths are able to develop their skills and make contacts that enable them to widen their career networks.

Dr. Mpazamihingo completely disagrees with “skills not matching what the market wants”. He believes that the absorption capacity of the current market is not growing at the same rate as the higher education sector. He went ahead and gave an example of having a lot of business and Information Technology graduates today yet the jobs to absorb them are very few.

On this note he called upon government to help all universities who are ready and willing to import in labor that are going to teach Ugandans skills and practices which people after graduating shall be useful to the whole nation.

Dr Janice D. Busingye, the deputy vice chancellor –finance and administration says that KIU has a bursary scheme program that is given t every Ugandan free of charge so long as they go through the right procedures and even acquire a recommendation from their district headquarters.

It is on this note that she warned all fraud stars that get money from parents and students claiming that the KIU university bursary is for a given fee of charge.

“KIU has a bursary scheme where those who need it must firs get to the main campus off Ggaba road Kansanga where we have bursary office. Whoever needs it we have clear staff working upon that. No one is supposed to pay any money for getting a KIU bursary at any time” adds Dr. Busingye.

As per the World Bank, by the period of 2015, Uganda has one of the youngest and most rapidly growing populations in the world and preparing them for productive jobs is a social and political priority for the government.

About 53%of the Ugandans population is younger than 18 well labour market every year.