by Kiyimba Bruno
Kansanga based University Kampala International  [KIU] has made a double move in the East African region.
This was revealed by the Deputy vice chancellor of the university  Janice Busingye when she declared to the press in the monthly round table press briefing that KIU has now received a new chatter for its Tanzania based campus in DAR-es-alam.
Janice says that the former KIU college has now been granted chatter to operate fully as a private university named Kampala International University in Tanzania.
“This is a good mileage that we as KIU have received  and  I do believe it shall give Uganda a good mileage” Busingyei said.
she adds that the Tanzania based campus shall now be able to operate with its own staff as well as vice chancellor, following the laws of Tanzania.
“When a child grows, he makes his permanent home. I do believe that this is the time to graduate from college to a fully pledged university” added Busingye
The university now has four branches which include the main campus in Kansanga, KIU western campus, KIU Campass in Kenya and now the fully pledged Tanzania based university.