Beleaguered Buyende District Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira’s whereabouts are still unclear, following his arrest on Thursday morning.

Kirumira was picked up after Police Flying Squad operatives raided and broke into his house in Bulenga. The Assistant Superintendent of Police, who on Wednesday issued a statement announcing his resignation from the police had locked himself inside the house, prompting his colleagues to cut the door to force their way in.

He was picked and whisked away amid gunfire as the police tried to scare away a crowd of residents that was growing up. None of the officers at the scene could brief journalists about the operation and where they were taking their own.

Contradicting reports later emerged that the Police Officer had been detained at Katwe Police station, while others indicated that he is being held at Naguru Police Headquarters.

However, some of the officers at Naguru who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity denied having seen Kirumira at the Police Headquarters.

Police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima has since morning declined to pick his calls. Efforts to meet him were also futile as this reporter was blocked at the Naguru Police reception. “Afande is busy in a meeting, you can’t see him now,” one of the officers said.

Kirumira now facing a number of offences including corruption, extortion, torture and unnecessary exercise of authority before the police tribunal, had a dramatic twist in his troubles on Wednesday. This was after he authored a statement announcing his resignation from the police force.

He accused the police establishment of framing up cases against him to dent his image. The statement was posted on his social media account, attracting the wrath of the police force which accused him of indiscipline, flouting procedure and breaching the code of conduct for serving police officers.

According to Kirumira, a total of about 30 officers raided his home in a bid to arrest him .

Sources in Bulenga have however said that Kirumira hid in the house to avoid arrest
“He has locked himself in the house as police tries to force themselves inside,”a source told this website.

This is after Kirumira, who was heading to the Police Court for his hearing, asked the officers for an arrest warrant.

“IGP should act professionally by arresting me in a formal way. I won’t accept to be arrested by Kifesi goons,” he said while locked up in his house.

Using electric cutters, about 15 police officers from the Flying Squad unit broke into his house and forcefully arrested him.

Bullets were fired as locals tried to prevent police from taking him. Kirumira yesterday complained of witch hunt from his bosses and even publicly tendered in his resignation.

He said he can’t continue serving in such a police force and would only rethink his decision if there was a total overhaul in police.

But police spokesperson Emilian Kayima on Wednesday said Kirumira will have to answer for his statements in the media.