Ms Beti Olive Kamya, the minister for Kampala has requested for 300 police officers as back up law enforcers in the city.

Police officers have  have of recent been part of KCCA operations giving protection to KCCA law enforcers when  doing a lawful job.  The KCCA officers are required to notify area police commanders about their operations, after which they they are assigned armed Police officers to protect them.

Several KCCA law enforcement officers have been injured and the authority’s vehicles vandalised during scuffles with angry city dwellers.

In a letter written to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr Kale Kayihura, dated 9 February this year, Ms Kamya says that nearly 70 percent of commercial activities take place in Kampala Capital City and the metropolitan area, arguing that such businesses must have their safety guarantee.

The enforcement staff support the Physical Planning Directorate in enforcing compliance with physical planning regulations under the Physical Planning Act; maintain law and order; and back up public health officers in the execution of public health functions.
The officers also support public health officers in the regulation of noise emissions and aid revenue officers in collection of local taxes.


The Minister contends that almost each activity of KCCA prescribed under section 7 and the third schedule of the KCCA Act 2010 must be policed on a daily basis, for effective implementation.

She further stresses that the new officers would remain staff of Uganda Police for all other purposes, but deployed in the enforcement department of KCCA on a permanent basis, unless they are transferred by Uganda Police.

Her letter is also copied top the KCCA executive director, Ms Jennifer Musisi, Kampala Lord Mayor, Mr Erias Lukwago, deputy Lord Mayor, Ms Sarah Kanyike and the Kampala Ministry undersecretary, Mr Samuel Baker Emiku.

KCCA deputy Spokesperson, Mr Robert Kalumba confirmed having seen the Minister’s letter and noted that for the last six years, the authority has been short of law enforcement officers to control trade order in the city.