By Kiyimba Bruno

This morning Kampala City Coucil Football Club [KCCAFC] has landed into a heavy package of renaming its stadium as well as renewing the contract they have with star times.
the contract that has been renewed for 3 years comes with a heavy package from star times worth 3.6 billion which is intended to cater for the construction of the stadium as well as renaming it from Phillip Omondi to Star times stadium.
Accroding to mr Moses Tamale, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO]of the club they are huppy to be the first ugandan team to reacieve a grant worth 3b.
With effect from July 1st 2017 StarTimes shall be the Shirt Sponsor and will also take over the naming rights of Philip Omondi Stadium, the home of KCCA FC for a sum of UGX.3,200,000,000

In the first season of the sponsorship, StarTimes shall pay to KCCA FC a sum of UGX 800,000,000 (Uganda Shillings Eight Hundred Million) only into four (04) equal payments.

The first installment of UGX 200,000,000 shall be paid on or before October 1st 2017, the second installment on or before January 1st 2018. The third installment will be paid on or before April, 1st 2018 and the fourth installment on or before July 1st 2018.

StarTimes shall host an exclusive KCCA FC Club TV at no cost on the Star Times Platform, the TV channel shall not be hosted by any other StarTimes competitors.