Today morning, Kayihura has moved his Personal Assistants including Jonathan Baroza who has been Kayihura’s main liaison with other security agencies.

The other affected officers include Immaculate Musimenta, Isaiah Igumira, David Sembera, Ambrose Rwanyonga and Emmanuel Ochamringa.

The officers have been sent  to Human Resource department to be included on the training schedule for the intermediate command course and fresh deployment.
In the Thursday mini reshuffle, General Kayihura replaced Baroza with CP Ibrahim Sagal from Interpol.

Sources say the IGP’s decision to sack Mr Baroza and five others was as result of the warnings from the security group investigating the murder of former police Spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

It is alleged that he was advised to do away with people who are much known to the public as they can be easily infiltrated by criminals.

During a night vigil for the late AIGP Felix Kaweesi, President Museveni ordered Kayihura to ‘clean up’ the police alleging that it was infiltrated with criminals.

Since then, Kayihura has been making tremendous changes in the force beginig with the the reshufflle of senior Traffic officers.
Police Spokesman, Mr Asan Kasingye said the transfers are normal but asked for some time to gather details regarding the reshuffles.

Now the quest by the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura to have his tenure renewed for the fifth time in November faces a test after President Yoweri Museveni‘s utterances last week betrayed a crisis of confidence in his leadership.

In 2001, Justice Julia Sebutinde recommended an overhaul of the police following a wide ranging inquiry into corruption, mismanagement and abuse of office in the force. A report the inquiry implicated senior officers for running criminal gangs.
But her recommendations were only partially implemented.

While the police seem aware of the need for an overhaul, the consequences of such exercise remain unclear. On March 22, Assistant Inspector General of Police Asuman Mugenyi said plans were already afoot to screen the entire police force for ineffective officers and those who may be involved in criminal activities. He, however, could not say when or how this screening was going to be done.

“Even before the death of [Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Kaweesi the IGP had ordered for this to be done and we shall do it,” said Mr Mugenyi, police director of operations.

President Museveni and a number of senior security personnel have partly situated the death of Kaweesi, who was eulogised as a steely officer, in the relapse of the intelligence capabilities of the police and the Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

“All these murders I follow them myself. There are always clues leading to who committed the crime but some of the security groups are infiltrated by the criminals,” said President Museveni.

“So you get a situation where they are intimidating witnesses, sometimes killing witnesses. They leak information. That is why the public fears to report to any of these groups. Because when you tell them, before you leave someone is ringing the one you have reported about. So, the Police have been infiltrated by criminals. Kale you must clean the police especially the CIID,” President Museveni added.