By Kiyimba Bruno

Kampala has witnessed a serious scandle on who should own the chasing of vendors off the streets. This happened after a meeting between KACITA and kampala Bussiness men.

Speaking in the meeting, the spokes person of KACITA Abraham Ssekitto says that they received communication from the Minister for Kampala Hon Betty Kamya confirming them of the activity of alerting vendors to quit the streets Among the culprits were the phone and sim card sellers who do their work on streets under tents claiming that they are doing company promotions.

Others affected was old lame Okello John who claims that he is left with nothing. Okello says, “I have been on the streets for over 30yrs. The people chasing us are funny because no vendor buys goods from China.

Where do we get the goods then? ” In response to the day actions,the minister for Kampala called for a briefing at the media centre in kampala where she said that KCCA is authorised to do the job as the government legal arm Kamya says. “Kampala capital city is governed by the constitution hence shall embark on an exercise to restore trade and traffic order plus development control in the city”.