By Kiyimba Bruno

The cranes national team coach has requested Ugandans to keep more trust in Isaac Isinde after losing the first game in the African Cup of Nations.

In the game that was played to day Uganda lost 1:0 to Ghana after a penalty that was scored by Ghanas Andre Ayew who hunted for goals continuously.

“isinde is a human being like the rest. If he makes a mistake we must support him. Stand as Ugandans and support your own” says Micho

Joseph Ochaya who laws tasted always by Ayew seemed to have a hard time but in the second half he came back in a positive move.

Miya Faruku showed that he still has chances of scoring in the AFCON as well as Mohamed Shaban

Dennis Masinde Onyango, the African player of the year showed much confidence and proved to the world that he deserves the said tittle. In this game, Onyango could not let any reckless goal to cross his net.

In the bars, many Ugandans were seen eagerly waiting for a goal up to the last minute, buying drinks like nothing.