The opposition forum for Democratic change have vowed to  take Hamis Kiguddu to court saying that his actions of evicting traders from park yard  and demolishing Nakivubo stadium grounds  are illegal eviction.

The 54-year-old sports facility with considerable historical value, was pulled down last week by city tycoon Ham Kigguindu, to pave way for its redevelopment.

Addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanakumbi, the spokesperson Ibrahim ssemujju nganda said Nakivubo is a national property that was put in place by the Act of parliament.

He explains that if the stadium is to be developed, the right developer is the government hence as the party, they have to guard the properties of the country.

He cited an example of public land that has been given out to private developers only ending up to be misused like the Former Shimoni land.

It is against this background that they are going to court within this week to oppose the developer of park yard land

However, Mr Kiggundu,  claims to have won the contract to redevelop the area and says he is to construct there a 930-vehicle capacity parking lot with 670 slots for open parking and another 260 slots for under building parking.

“I was cleared to redevelop this area and that’s why I demolished the temporary structures at Park Yard to make it a better place when I will construct a modernised parking. I will immediately start construction works as soon as possible because it must be completed by 2018,” Mr. Kiggundu said.

“I have got all the necessary requirements to redevelop Nakivubo stadium. I am ready to take on anybody who isn’t satisfied with my contract,” he says, adding, “All those parties that are not contented should seek court redress because I am doing this in line with the law. We discussed it with the vendors and they accepted to vacate the land.”

“I have given some of the vendors 900 working spaces on my shopping mall at Nakivubo for six months. They will not pay a single coin until the six months expire. I have also paid for space for 600 vendors in Usafi Market for six months and I believe this will cushion them as they settle,” he says.


In 2014, Nakivubo stadium board of trustees awarded a redevelopment contract to four companies. The contracted companies would, among other projects, construct a perimeter wall with more than 1,500 lock-up shops facing the Park Yard market, carry out physical planning for upgrading the stadium to a 25,000-seater from the current 15,000.

According to the stadium redevelopment plan, Nterefune Enterprises was to redevelop the pavilion, Future Land to redevelop the parking grounds facing the New Taxi Park, Bestin to redevelop Park Yard market, and Ham Enterprises to redevelop the space where Ham Shopping mall currently sits.

But the three other companies are now protesting the manner in which the board made a U-turn and instead awarded the contract to only Ham Enterprises yet they had all been given different sections of the stadium to develop. The case is still pending in court.

According to the deal signed with Nakivubo management, Kiggundu will manage the stadium for an initial four years with a one year grace period of not remitting income to Nakivubo Stadium management, to allow him recover his investment.

Kiggundu has already started works, despite a pending court case where three other companies claim they had been given different sections of the stadium to develop, but Nakivubo management made a U-turn and awarded the entire contract to Kiggundu.

Who is Kiggundu

Mr Kiggundu’s quick rise to the ranks of city tycoons, has been a household talk with majority of people questioning his source of income.

Just in his early 30s, Mr Kiggundu boasts of owning multibillion buildings in the city, which leaves people’s tongues wagging. For instance, he allegedly owns Ham Towers, which houses Tuskys Supermarket, just across the Makerere University Main gate in Kampala, Ham Shopping Mall on Nakivubo Road and a posh residential house on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Although the public has always linked his wealth to the First Family, Mr Kiggundu denies the claims but attributes his wealth to the peace, which he says President Museveni has ushered and creates an enabling environment to do business.

“It is not true that I get money from the first Family,” the 33-year-old Kiggundu was quoted in Sunday Monitor.

“However, I thank the President for making the country peaceful because business people like us wouldn’t have become successful (without peace). It is the peace that the President has created which makes us rich,” he said.

“I am a hardworking person and I must admit that this is one of the reasons why I am successful today. All those who think that I get money from the First Family are totally mistaken,” he said.