By Kiyimba Bruno

Last night students of Kampala International University [KIU] did not have to wait until when their Managing Director Hassan Basajjabalaba had to come back to his office to sign for money to take them for the10th edition of the East African University Games that are due to take place in Jomo Kenyata University of Arts and Technology.

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The games that are supposed to start from Saturday have attracted universities from the east African globe.

Some of the KIU students who did not want to disclose their names say that they have tittles to defend. Hence they are supposed to go.

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According to the university structure, the managing director Mr. Hassan Basajjabalaba is the overall financial person where all funds that are released in the university can not go out unless his signature has appeared on the document.

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History shows that most of the time when KIU is going for the university games, Mr. Basajjabala calls the sports tutor in office on the last day and gives him or her money they are to use at the last moment.

Many were seen sleeping on KIU verandas as the rest were seen singing and chanting

“We want to go. Our hearts are in Nairobi”

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Some of the coaches looked annoyed since there was no clear mode of communication that was used to alert them whether they were going or not. But instead they kept on pumping their students for training even after exams.

Many are saying that they finished exams long time ago but were not told what to do. They called their parents home and alerted them that they were going to Nairobi for the games.

We don’t yet know whether Mr. Basajjabalaba is now days broke that he fears to talk to his sports men