Gen Kayihura charms MPs, lectures them about policing, command

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By guide reporter

The Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura reasoned out the Defence and Internal Affairs Parliamentary Committee saying Police has achieved a lot under his stewardship including putting in place pillars of the institution.

While appearing before the committee today to reassure MPs on the state of security and police in the country, Kayihura said he has built a facility to train senior commanders citing that someone does not become a commander by osmosis or by birth.

“You do not become commander by osmosis neither do you become one by birth. It is by training. You need skills and knowledge,” said Kayihura.

He decried MPs who are demonizing him saying, “When I came in there was no training,”

The police boss further said he is proud of what the force has become over the years, and admitted some things could have gone wrong “We have tried our best; there are areas we have succeeded and somewhere we have failed.”

He asked MPs to be partners and not to turn into an inquisition.

“Instead of parliamentarians demoralizing police officers, let us work together to identify vigilantes,”

Kayihura assured MPs that police is strengthening its crime intelligence saying that the security problem is an obligation for all leaders not him alone.

“We are strengthening our crime intelligence. This security question is not a’Kayihura’ thing, its our obligation as leaders,”

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