Of resent,  New Vision paper has taken against its self to run a series of articles meant to tarnish prominent business man Sudhir.


We assured you a couple of days back that we would provide you with concrete evidence of the Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga meeting a team of lawyers hired by BOU to take on city businessman Sudhir Ruparelia in Court over the alleged fraud case led by the Managing Partner MMAKS Advocates Timothy Kanyerezi Masembe and AF Advocates founder David Mpanga.


In the video,  Kabushenga is seen seated waiting and Mpanga joins him shortly and they seem to agree on something; they later leave together to unknown location.


It does not come as a surprise that just a day after their meeting at the Village Mall in Bugolobi, the Industrial Area based Newspaper started publishing series of stories aimed at tarnishing and convicting Sudhir in the public eye.

However, the stories and articles published now on a daily basis are not different and what now the editors do is to change the headlines and pictures for their unfounded stories aimed convicting him in the public eye.


Our sources reveal that two veteran editors have taken it upon themselves to write these baseless and malicious stories and we shall name them in our consequent stories in a few days and this is the only reason why they prefer to use ‘by Vision Reporter(s)’ rather than their names.


MMAKS and AF Mpanga Advocates were both contracted by BOU to handle the case which would cost taxpayers a whooping sh13b! The law firms have already cashed in sh2b as part payment from BOU.
We wonder what interest Kabushenga has in the whole issue if at all it is not a selfish interest by allowing the paper to be used by the mafias pushing for these damaging, tarnishing, baseless and unfounded articles.


Indeed he has already landed the paper in hot soup because veteran lawyer McDosman Kabega last week wrote to the company a notice of intention to sue for harassing his client by publishing concocted stories.


If this is not a deliberate move aimed at convicting Sudhir in the public eye, how come these stories are coming in form of systematic series which we had never seen for years at New vision? How come they are written by editors who never go to the field and sanctioned by Kabushenga who has never been an Editor in Chief to sanction such stories.


In fact, New Vision has become the complainant, the investigator, the prosecutor and the judge if you keenly follow their stories.


There is no assurance that BOU will win the legal battle and if it loses, it is the taxpayers to carry the burden of paying Sudhir the billions that Court may decide upon.


One wonders how and why a Bank that won three years in a row and awarded as the best performing Bank in the country can be faulted by BOU to this point!!


Are the BOU auditors fit to be in their offices given the fact that they used to carry out impromptu visits thrice a year to audit Crane Bank?
Are these people fit to be in these offices?