Having a partner who does not know how to kiss right literally creates a mess.

It's a tragedy to be with someone who does not know to kiss and has no intention of learning
It’s a tragedy to be with someone who does not know to kiss and has no intention of learning

There are so many things that could go wrong with a relationship.

Your partner could change over time into a terrible version of the person you fell in love with, she could be a master nagging agent, his drive for sex could be way below yours, she could be a serial cheat, or he could be a very terrible kisser.

You probably won’t understand the tragedy until you’ve been kissed by someone who’s so terrible at kissing that they do a worse job than an overexcited Labrador kissing its owner’s face.

Kissing is one of the commonest, most intimate things partners do, and having a partner who does not know how to do it right could be such a mess [literally].

“There was so much tongue. It felt so gross,” says Jay, 25.

“She did not know how to position her lips.” he adds.

I have heard a friend complain about how his former girlfriend would slightly bend her head to the side while they were kissing because she saw people in Hollywood movies do that.

He had to explain to her that, she didn’t need that. Those guys on bend their heads because they didn’t want their pointed noses to collide. Africans don’t have such worries.

“She told me before hand that she really did not know how to. So it was easy  for us,” says Olumide, 26.

Eva Alordiah and former BF Ceasar share a passionate kiss… or is it? (Instagram / Eva Alordiah)

Kissing someone who didn’t know how to do it “was a terrible experience for me,” says Abass, 28.

“And it was terrible for me every time because she was not even openminded enough to learn.”

That’s exactly what makes this whole thing even worse.

Having a partner who kisses terribly won’t really be much of an issue if they are willing to learn and adapt to doing it the right way.

It’s called kissing, not swallowing. Learn to apply pressure and intensity reasonably. (Buzz Nigeria)

But if they aren’t willing to, it’ll be an unpleasant experience every time for the other partner and of course  this isn’t the right tone to set in relationships.

Kissing is meant to be fun, sex is meant to be fun, and the relationship/marriage generally should be fun than stress.

So gauge your kissing skills, and ask your partner if you are doing it right. They could have one or two modifications to make to ensure it’s more enjoyable.

Maybe you need to be more intense, to add more tongue or to cut down on the amount of tongue involved… whatever you need to do, just do it, and your relationship will surely be better for it!