Shocking details have emerged on how DOTTS Service Ltd a construction company connived and defrauded Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) shs 29bn in a fake road construction deal.

According to an investigation, DOTTs service owned by Indians forged documents on that they hired machines to be used on Mbale-Tororo road.

DOTTS in their reports claimed that their machines spent over 150 days without using them but special investigation report has revealed that DOTTs never had those machines.

An audit probe which was commissioned covered all the transactions involving Dott Services and one transaction was found to be stinking worse than the rest.

This transaction concerns the 29.8bn UNRA had erroneously paid to Dott Services as prolongation fees.

The full total was Ugx29, 858,532,069 and Dott Services claimed this was the loss it
suffered because of its equipment which was mobilized to the road works’ site
for the 49km Mbale-Tororo road and was there lying idle for 509 days.

Dott Services also lied that another set of its road equipment was mobilized and was idle on the site for the 103km Mbale-Soroti road for 509 days.

The filthy Indians who own the blacklisted Dott Services argued that they are entitled to compensation by UNRA for the time lost because the same equipment would have been used elsewhere.

UNRA had contracted a company called Professional Engineering Consultants-PEC-to do the supervision and be advising the ED Kagina all the time.

This means PEC was supposed to technically supervise Dott Services and write frequent supervision reports guiding UNRA on how to rate Dott Services.

For this consultancy job, PEC was paid 3.2bn by UNRA but PEC in the end disappointed UNRA by conniving with Dott Services to rip off UNRA, leaving Kagina very angry to the point of blacklisting PEC.

The PEC bosses did their fraud by forging supervision reports passing Dott Services claim for the 29bn as credible.

Thinking PEC was a credible consultancy firm determined to do a good job to protect its name, UNRA based on the PEC engineers’ report and paid the 29bn to Dott Services.
The audit report later, ordered by Kagina, showed this was dirty claim by Dott Services in connivance with PEC.

In August, UNRA under Kagina took both Dott Services and PEC to court and demanded that they refund the 29.8bn that was paid to Dott Services in blunder and error.

The court case was registered under civil suit no. 650 in commercial

UNRA went to court after Dott Services refused to refund the money.

Kagina was angry that PEC connived to help Dott Services fraudulently obtain 29.8bn from UNRA.

Kagina argued that Dott Services must refund the money because it hadn’t incurred any prolongation costs as fraudulently claimed by PEC engineers who are supposed to be
ethical and professional in the course of their duties.

“That act was the highest form of unprofessionalism because such firms are hired to protect the client against such fictitious claims by the contractors.PEC must be permanently blacklisted because they connived to promote fraud they were hired to detect and prevent. “Noted a source.

The PEC top management became embarrassed and the fear for dire consequences forced them to immediately fire company MD Eng. Valentine Mwase Byansi.

He was replaced by Eng. Bony Nsambu but the company still continued staggering because of the damage caused by the UNRA-Dott Services scandal.

Eng. Mwase and fraciss Muhande and others was accused for allowing the issuance of monthly certificates of completion advising UNRA to pay Dott Services for expenses that hadn’t been incurred.

The shady construction company tried to use a veteran disabled UPDF Colonel to intimidate UNRA but Kagina was too firm and said PEC’s professional negligence and fraudulent practices shouldn’t go unpunished.

She insisted the 29.8bn must be refunded since the contractor Dott Services hadn’t incurred any prolongation or unforeseen costs to justify the 29.8bn they claimed and got paid in error.

Kagina Ordered UNRA contracts committee not to consider DOTTS
until further notice.

The list of the PEC engineers some of whom negligently slept on the job includes Eng. Valentine Mwase, the following people who will always be held responsible for the problems the collapsing Dott Services continues to face.

According to sources from state house, President Museveni who had just pardoned DOTTS service is bitter with the way they forged documents and conned UNRA over 29b.