Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court has granted bail to the five persons suspected for ending the life of a Finnish businessman Teräsvuori Tuomas Juha Petteri.

The five include Apollo Kyabagye, a senior Intelligence officer at the Internal Security Organisation-ISO, Faridah Naggayi-a friend to the deceased, Carol Alinda- a businesswoman, Fatuma Kabagambe- a suspected drug trafficker, and Nassif Walusimbi- a special hire driver.

They were arrested from different parts of Kampala following information linking them to the death of the businessman, who had reportedly travelled to Uganda to meet the head of Internal Security Organization Col. Fred Bagyenda.

The Finnish is believed to have come to Uganda after he was told that there was a deal for the government of Uganda to buy guns from his company. But he was arrested on accusations that he had travelled into the country on a forged clearance letter. He died a day later from Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala.

A toxicology report released earlier indicates that the deceased was killed by a concoction of Narcotics, Pesticides and Herbicides.

The case has been adjourned to April 24, after prosecution led by Ms Viola Tusingiwire informed court last week that inquiries in the matter were complete with witnesses to testify against the accused.

The accused Faridah Nagayi, a receptionist in Qatar, Fatuma Kabagambe a house wife, Nassifu a driver, Alinda a businesswoman, and Appolo Kyabagye a senior intelligence officer with ISO were last month charged with manslaughter, forgery, trafficking in drugs and conspiracy to commit a felony .

On the counts of manslaughter and trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, prosecution contends that Nagayi, Kabagambe and Walusimbi, on February 6, at Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala, unlawfully caused the death of Terasvuori Tuomas Juha Petteri, 42, a Finland national, when they allegedly delivered narcotic drugs to him a day before.

Prosecution further states that Alinda and Kyabagye on February 2, in Kampala forged an invitation letter dated February 2, 2018 purporting that the alleged document was signed by Col Frank Bagyenda Kaka the head of ISO. The duo is facing the count of conspiracy to forge the document in question alongside Nagayi.

Terasvouri was found lying dead in his Hotel room and later a postmortem report revealed that he had died of drugs.