China railway seventh company limited Workers and Kampala capital city authority have disagreed with the  company over the resignation of the human resource whom the workers accuse of mistreatment.

At least 400 Ugandan workers at the construction company went on strike Tuesday to protest alleged sexual harassment by managers and poor pay.

The alleged mistreatment also includes long hours and supervisors beating workers who are delayed getting to their jobs, she said.


The mayor of Kampala Lukwango gave the company two days to address the grievances of workers or else their contract be revoked,which Culminated into a meeting which is underway now.

Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago said the city would consider “blacklisting” the Chinese company, if it doesn’t address the workers’ concerns.

However, workers and the mayor of Kawempe serujonji Emmanuel have disagreed with management over the issue of the human resource whom workers insist that he should resign because he has been mistreating workers much as management insists that they can not expel him.

Workers also insist that the Sociologist who is on the grievance handling committee which connects workers and management should resign immediately failure they do not return to work.

This strife between workers and China railway seventh company limited  attracted a quick security deployment as workers were becoming rowdy and getting out of hand as the negotiations and meeting was underway.

The World Bank cancelled a 225-kilometer (140-mile) road construction project in western Uganda worth $265 million in December 2015 after a review found evidence of misconduct by a government contractor, including sexual harassment of female workers and road workers having sex with minors.