If you’ve ever fantasised about having sex in a hot tub, you may want to find yourself a new fantasy.

While the thought of jet streams and warm water may sound appealing, it could actually be detrimental to your health.

As gynaecologist Diana Hoppe told Men’s Health, hot tub sex comes with its own set of risks. Here are five scary things that could happen:

1. You could get a rash

If you spend too much time in said tub you could develop pseudomonas folliculitis – or hot tub rash as it’s more commonly known.

The rash appears to look like itchy, red bumps on your skin and is developed due to bacteria in the water. It’s nothing serious though and will usually clear up by itself in a few days.

2. She could develop a UTI or yeast infection

Chlorine or other chemicals found in a hot tub can mess with a vagina’s PH balance by killing off good bacteria and letting bad bacteria enter.

3. You could contract an STD

While you won’t find any STD’s just floating around in the tub like some myths would let you believe, the chemicals in the tub won’t help sterilise any infections your partner is carrying.
4. She will most likely be sore afterwards

This is because the hot water can hinder her body’s natural lubrication which can make the experience painful. not as slippery-slidey as you think.

5. The condom won’t be as effective

Firstly, the water could cause the condom to slide off making it completely ineffective. Also, chlorine can make the condom less effective so you may need to consider other forms of contraceptive