You could be having amazing sex with your partner but chances are that he might probably have some ideas in his head and he just doesn’t know how to let you know about it.

Below are 4 things your man wants but is just too afraid to ask

He Wants To Be Cuddled

Men never stop being babies no matter how old they are and it’s a fact. Even the most powerful man still wants his woman to treat him like a baby sometimes. LOL. It’s always the women that get to be cuddled but sometimes men wish the gesture could be returned. Most men want to be cuddled by their woman but they just don’t know how to say it. LOL.

He wishes you would INITIATE More Often

We hear this one from EVERYONE! “Men are expected to perform all the time and that’s not realistic,” says Dr. Dawn Michael, a clinical sexologist and author of Intimacy Guidebook for Couples. “They don’t always want to be the one to initiate sex.” When men have to initiate every time, it makes them feel less desirable and can give them performance anxiety.
He wishes you Tell Him What YOU Want – what turns you ON

“Men like it when a woman is able to show them what turns her on, but not in a way that’s putting him down,” says Michaels. Here’s the key to doing this right: “Take his hand and show him what you like, but don’t tell him what you don’t like,” she advises. “Keep it positive and fun — sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.”

He Wishes You Could Be More CREATIVE in Bed

For some women, it’s either missionary or no sex and some men wish they could tell them to be more creative without hurting her feelings. Men also want their women to take the initiative sometimes and just surprise them.

He Wishes You Could Be Sometimes Aggressive in Bed

While your man knows he needs to be the man in bed, sometimes he just wish you could dominate in bed and be more aggressive. You can’t blame your man for not asking because he is worried you might think it is degrading. He doesn’t know how you would take so he is probably afraid to ask.

He Wishes You Could TALK DIRTY Sometimes

I know most ladies feel ashamed of talking dirty; but you would be amazed to know your man just wish you could do that sometimes. Sometimes he just needs that side of you and he doesn’t know how to let you know. You won’t blame him for not asking because he is worried you might not see it the way he sees it.

He might also wish for other things not on this list as most men have different desires but it’s advisable you discuss it with your man. Let him know you won’t feel bad about it because he is worried he might lose you if he tells you his fantasies.

The best way to go about this is to share your desires with each other and let each other know how far you can go for each other.