The State Minister for Primary Health care, Dr.Joyce Kaducu is fighting for her life at the International Hospital in Kampala after alleged food poisoning.

According to Director General Health Services Dr. Henry Mwebesa, Kaducu was about a month ago, admitted at Mulago hospital with stomach complications and later discharged after recovering, but the illness has returned.

Dr Kaducu is currently on life support in the Intensive Care Unit at IHK.

State Minister of Health for General Duties Sarah Opendi says arrangements are being made to fly Kaducu to Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

Minister Opendi however dismissed allegations of food poisoning, insisting that Dr Kaducu is admitted over a different illness.

“Please, it cannot be food poisoning because she had diarrhea and vomiting but was discharged. She was later admitted at Platinum hospital and developed complications before being transferred to IHK,” Minister Opendi said, adding that Dr Kaducu was taken to IHK because when they were still at Platinum, they thought she had pneumonia and they treated it but the situation continued to get worse.

“When she was still at Platinum, they thought it was pneumonia and they treated it but the situation continued to deteriorate forcing them to take her to IHK.”
The health minister for general duties however noted that tests had been carried out and samples flown to South Africa in a bid to ascertain the exact cause of the state minister’s illness.

“She is still in the intensive care unit at IHK but we are making all efforts to be flown to Aga Khan Hospital and we got some clearance.”

About a month ago, Dr.Kaducu was admitted to Mulago hospital but later discharged only for the illness to continue and was later re-admitted.

Earlier reports had pointed to food poisoning as the cause of her sickness.