We asked our female readers “what makes someone good in bed?” and one answer really stuck out.

A whopping 36% of the 5,196 ladies who took part said foreplay was the key to good sex.

Next on the list of goals was “making sure we both orgasm” – selected by 33% of participants.

In comparison, only 13% said “penis size” was the key to being good in the sack.

Those who finish a little too early can breathe a sigh of relief too as only 7% said stamina makes someone good in bed.

Recent research, from the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada and Trojan condoms, claimed men could boost her sexual enjoyment by 30% by partaking in a post-sex cuddle.

In the poll of 2,400, a massive 71% of women who cuddled for between six and 10 minutes rated their romp as “very pleasurable” compared to 41% of women who cuddled less.

Yet our readers seem to be a little less sentimental as only 6% said it was important to “cuddle afterwards”.

Also, you can wave goodbye to your Christian Grey fantasies as a mere 5% of ladies like a chap who’s dominant in the bedroom.