By Namugerwa Martha

The lotteries and regulatory Board is set to close down the illegal and non- compliant Gaming operations across the country starting tomorrow.

The chairman of lotteries board Edgar Agaba says they have introduced a new gaming regulatory regime that will help Uganda and the people to gain profits from betting.

Agaba launched a new central monitoring system as the government demands during a press conference which was held at the Media Centre in Kampala today.

Agaba the CEO of betway Ug, an online betting company said that all betting is done online and even some casinos are online based.

Agaba added that thousands of Ugandans have been employed thanks to the betting industry which only has nine registered companies.

“We have agreed with the companies that there will be one program consolidated between the regulator and all betting companies,” He started.

He further added that they cannot operate a gaming industry beyond the township because there is a lot of tax evasion sincee many people are doing what they call manual returns.

“Unlicensed online websites are very many and we are planning to close those sites if they are not regulated in Uganda,”

Agaba revealed that they are introducing an automatic system to introduce an online transaction system with an age limit of 25 to be the only one set for all betting participations and shops to open at 10am

“We want to see Ugandans owning this betting industry and if the percentage is not measuring up we shall not license as we have sent the letter to the UCC to block 500 sites,” Agaba further added.

Agaba concluded that this system of licensing is new and it will face some challenges but the people who don’t want betting companies in their local areas are free to refuse and license them.

Addressing journalists at media center, the  chief executive officer of lotteries and regulatory board Edgar Agaba also says that illegal businesses that have been carrying out underage gambling, unlicensed operations, operating in non-gazetted areas like shops, tax evasion, non-conformity  are all going to be closed down tomorrow.

He also warned that they gave directed Uganda communication commission to close down over 500 on line betting sites that have been operating within the country without licenses.

He also explained that the move is meant to streamline the industry and ensuring that the operators follow the law in conducting their businesses.