By Kiyimba Bruno

The biomedical engineer of the critical care solutions Uganda Mr. Emmanuel Mafabi has confirmed that many hospitals in the country luck equipments due to the fact that they are so expensive too buy.

Speaking this, Mr. Mafabi was explaining how various life gadgets work towards saving life of a typical Ugandan who has to go through intensive care.

“Equipments are so expensive as well as the expenses in the hospital bills. “ adds Mr. Mafabi. He says that 80% of the people who go through intensive care are at death rate as only 20% remaining the percentage of their life.

Cause of the increase of the patients who go through the intensive care unit in the hospitals are commonly accidents in regards with Mr. Mafabi view. It is on this note that he advised Ugandans to take good care of their lives so as to live a healthy life.

He also thanked the government for the tax free service that it gives them while importing the equipments but also requested it to give a hand towards reduction of the prices of these gadgets from where they buy them from.

Eunice .k one of the equipment marketing managers cautions doctors who ask for money from patients at a service that is supposed to be free of charge.

She says that all basic services are free with in all government hospitals as those that require the ICU have to pay for the medicines that are to be used during treatment but also treatment is free of charge in all government hospitals.

She also is not happy with the number of equipments that are in hospitals since some of them are feck and they cannot save a life.