Buikwe district woman MP also gospel singer Judith Babirye has asked the Family court to dissolve her marriage with hubby Samuel Niwo.

Renowned gospel artiste Judith Babirye left her husband in November 2009, saying she had suffered enough. But her husband, Samuel Niiwo, says they are still married and is hoping she will return to him.

In her divorce petition filed this month, Babirye says her marriage with Niwo also the father of her only daughter has been stormy and characterized with sadness owing to what she describes as Niwo’s cruel ,erratic , male-violent behavior and lack of respect to the sanctity of their marriage celebrated at Rubaga Miracle center.

Babirye accuses Niwo of being a serial adulterer and neglecting his fatherly responsibilities to the many children he fathers out of his numerous relationships.

This followed an ugly incident at their home in which, according to Babirye, Niiwo chased her around the house, grabbed her and beat her ferociously, in full view of their neighbours.

This was after she reportedly confronted him about bad-mouthing her among his relatives. And that, Babirye says, is but one of the many times she has had to endure his beatings.

She says he beat her up and tried to strangle her on their tour of the USA a few years ago. Babirye accuses Niiwo of locking her up in the house, barring her from using her phone and commanding her to cut off her hair, claiming it would make her more attractive to other men.

She claims he did not want her to sing and make money, yet he always got loans in her name.

She also says she single-handedly looked after their home and took care of their child together and his other children. She said he is also a womaniser.

Apparently, she says, some of his women who even come into their marital home, have had the audacity to confront her.

To add injury to insult, Babirye says, he often accused of her infidelity, that on several occasions he has denied being her child’s father.

She now wants court to relieve her of this burden and free her from this violent marriage where she cites of an incident when Niwo physically assaulted her hence forcing her to flee their marital home in November 2009.

Babirye has also asked court to grant her sole custody of their ten year old daughter since her father already abused the sanctity of their marriage by discussing bedroom issues with her so many girlfriends who would call her(Babirye) and insult her over the same.

The family court has not yet summoned Niwo for to file a response.