Residents of Kasubi village, Adyel Division, in Lira Town woke up on Wednesday to the sad news of a 24-year-old girl who reportedly committed suicide over failed relationship.

It’s reported that this girl committed suicide after her mobile phone was allegedly stolen by her jilted boyfriend.

In a suicidal note that was left behind,  Irene Alobo accused the boyfriend of stealing her handset and forcing her to abort.

She claimed that her lover forced her to procure an abortion and later abandoned her after stealing her phone.

The suicidal note to her boyfriend reads in part: “Just confess and you will be forgiven not by my mum, family members or your family members but by God, because I am gone.”

It is reported that the deceased on Wednesday swallowed a pesticide and was found unconscious in a cassava garden near the family house in Kasubi village, Adyel Division, in Lira Town.

Relatives rushed her to Lira Regional Referral Hospital where she died on arrival.

Ms Doreen Auma confirmed her daughter’s death.

“In fact I never knew that she was having any love affair. But my daughter has been behaving in a queer way. At one time, she swallowed petrol in attempt to kill herself,” Ms Auma said.

She said: “There is nothing I can add. She is already dead,” Ms Auma said on Thursday.

North Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson, Mr David Ongom Mudong, condemned the incident, blaming parents for not counselling their children.

“The girl started showing signs of committing suicide earlier, but her parents never took time to counsel her until she took her life,” Mr Ongom said.

Recently, another 16 year old girl also committed suicide in Lira Palwo Sub County, Agago district after her father caned her for being negligent.

Ajok Nighty, a primary six pupil of Wii Munu Pecek primary school  a daughter of Kamilo Okot of Yab Wangi Village, Lanyinyiri Parish.

Ajok hanged herself at 5:00pm in a nearby bush using a rope from her father’s kraal.


The teenager is said to have done as told and proceeded to fetch water from a nearby well.

Her father who returned home and found goats eating the sorghum followed Ajok to the well and caned her accusing the girl of being negligent.

Otim says Okot went to a nearby drinking joint after caning Ajok who returned home and picked a rope to kill herself.

He says Ajok’s body was discovered at around 6pm that evening by a herdsman.