A batch of over 2,000 Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), has left for Somalia to beef up the African Union backed Africa Mission to Somalia(AMISOM).


The troops were seen off on Friday at the Peace Support Operation Training Centre in Singo, Kapeka, Nakaseke district. Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen David Muhoozi, presided over the ceremony.


The Uganda Peoples ’Defence Forces (UPDF) Chief  Gen David Muhoozi, has told Officers and Militants of Battle Group XX11 and UNGU (United Nations Guard Unit) 1V to observe discipline and keep in line with the right ideology for the success of UPDFs’ mission in Somalia.


He said this at the Singo-based Peace and Support Training Centre, in Nakaseke District, as he officiated the send- off ceremony of UPDF troops to Somalia, where Battle Group XX11 will serve under the mandate of the African Union to support the Somali National Army (SNA) in protecting the property and lives of civilians, and UNGU 1V will serve under the United Nations mandate when protecting key installations in Somalia.


Gen Muhoozi told troops that the mission they are going for is a workable one since some of their brothers and sisters have already been to Somalia and returned safe.


UPDF CDF Gen David Muhoozi being entertained by battle group XX11 and UNGU at Singo
“Peace and stability are expensive items but Uganda is now exporting them. Go to Somalia and be our ambassadors,” said the CDF.


He further urged them to work together because they are going to penetrate an area engulfed with many threats coupled with the absence of a frontline.


“You are not going for a picnic in Somalia. Therefore, be alert and respect the rules of engagement,” he said, adding that it is the duty of Battle Group XX11 and UNGU 1V to keep the Ugandan Flag high.


The CDF appreciated the support from the European Union towards enriching UPDFs’ efforts in the region.


Still to Battle Group XX11 and UNGU 1V, Gen Muhoozi cautioned them to have respect for each other since respect starts with an individual. He explained this analogy citing Mao TSe Tung’s quote, which says that ‘Shame is a revolutionary statement.’


Gen Muhoozi, also cautioned the troops to watch against bad acts like womanizing, buying luxurious cars and clothing, upon their return. He advised them to invest the money in securing property- real estate and engaging in commercial agriculture.


The UPDF Commander of Land Forces, Maj Gen Peter Elwelu, advised them to work hard so as to do a good job for AMISOM.


Brig Jack Bakasumba, Commandant of the Peace and Support Training Centre – Singo, cautioned Battle Group XX11 and UNGU 1V to use the skills and Knowledge acquired during the training to fight better during the protection of themselves and civilians in Somalia.

Colonel Bony Bamwisike is the Commander of Battle Group XX11 while Lt Col Mike Hyroba will command UNGU 1V.