An aspiring President of the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) Mujib Kasule’s convoy was on Friday pelted with stones by goons riding on a motorcycle in Mengo, Kampala.

Mujib was not injured during the fracas but the vehicle carrying him was damaged.

An eyewitness account indicate that the police who were metres away from the scene watched and they did not react to the incident.

“As we turned into FUFA…, a goon on a boda threw a stone at the car shouting “he (Mujib) shouldn’t contest!

“The deployed police watched on, refused to do anything about it despite our desperate pleas,”said the witness.

During the time of attack Mujib was going to present nomination papers at the Federations office.

Mujib who is a former Federation vice- president has promised tremendous changes in the development of the game in Uganda if given the mandate.

Earlier on, The Proline Football Club Chief Executive Officer through a press realese sent by his campaign team said that his is running for the top seat with an aim geared towards giving a new definition to the dwindling fortunes of Ugandan football.

“If we do not change and keep saying this is the way we do things and as such only the people involved should manage, we stand the risk of rewarding people unwarrantedly with the toils of the nation.”

The Proline Chief Executive said it will take a developed, viable and sustainable professional football system through well-established youth and women development structure, increased private sector participation, technical infrastructure while retaining the passion in the game to turn the poorly developed unattractive football system in the country.

“I am confident I will bring change to Ugandan Football if I’m given the chance in the forthcoming elections.”

FUFA will hold elections for new executives on 5th August 2017.