Members of the Forum for Democratic Change party have launched a campaign against the amendment of the presidential age limit.

The campaign, dubbed “Time Up At 75” is aimed at President Museveni who is supposed to be serving his last term. It comes months after politicians in the ruling party proposed to remove the 75 year limit.

Forum for Democratic  Change Party spokesperson Ibrahim Semujju Nganda  says that if Museveni has failed to control his appetite for power, they will help him to do so.

Addressing journalists at the weekly press conference, Ssemujju revealed that he is in consultation meetings with other opposition political parties, religious leaders, civil society organizations and other stakeholders to come up with the applicable measures to prevent President Yoweri Museveni and his agents from amending the constitution, especially article 102 b, regarding the presidential age limit.

He noted that the party has already agreed that all members of parliament who will be found supporting the removal of Age Limit will become their target in the war to make them lose their positions in coming general elections 2021.

Ssemujju has appealed to the public also to join the struggle against lifting of the Presidential age limit and any other emerging plans by the ruling government  that continues to violate the National constitution.