By Namugerwa Martha

Christopher Kibanzanga the state minister of Agriculture has threatened that the government is going to imprison fake dealers of seeds and pesticides during the agricultural expo in Jinja today as a way of eradicating counterfeit agricultural products in Uganda.

Kibanzanga said that many fake pesticide dealers have been left scot free because the government was reluctant about the issue but the farmers are incurring a lot of losses due to using wrong seeds and pesticides.

“We are going to imprison whoever is caught selling fake seeds and pesticides to the farmers.” Kibanzanga.

Kibanzanga added that the farmers must start reporting fake dealers to the authority to prevent losing their crops because it can lead to famine in the country when all the crops are destroyed due to fake seeds planted and then fake pesticides.

“These counterfeit agricultural products have dangerous chemicals that cause barrenness to the soils; therefore the government is going to fight to save Uganda’s soils.” Kibanzanga added.

This decision comes a day after Kibale Member of Parliament Cuthbert Abigaba urged government to start giving out seeds earlier enough to prevent inconveniencing farmers.

Abigaba said that Operation Wealth Creation normally gives out seeds when the planting season is about to end and that time farmers ought to have already planted their seeds.

“The government normally gives out seeds when it’s too late to plant and this inconvenience the farmers,” Abigaba said.

Abigaba added that the government should give the seeds earlier so that the seeds wait for the season but not the planting season to wait for the seeds.

“If we do this the farmers won’t get a chance to misuse the seeds or eat them.” Abigaba urged.