Many men are good boyfriends yet terrible keepers, when it comes to getting to know someone properly for relationship purposes, keep in mind that: Just because they are hot doesn’t mean they are a perfect fit for you.

Successful relationships involve people who fit together seamlessly, because people who are a match have similar perspectives in life.

Honestly, the last thing on your mind when you get to know someone and they continually get on your nerves will be how hot they are.

The coating in a person is important in the beginning. However, after six months of courting, when the dopamine wears off, it’s the values which hold you together.

Here are eight questions you can ask before investing your heart in a man, preferably within the first two weeks of dating.

How old are you?

My friend try to find out how old is your boyfriend before you start regretting or calling him an names  because of your preference if you realized that he is much older  or younger than you.

Dating a younger boyfriend comes with many consequences which you might not be able to handle so my advise to you first find out if he is of the right age that you prefer for your future husband.

Have you ever been in love?

Note: most men lie they have never. Keenly observe how he picks his calls, texts – it can tell you a lot.

Do you have kids?

Kids generally are a financial burden; so if you expected to be flown to Ole Mara Kempinski for dinner every other Saturday by that new lad who earns a five figure salary with a string of three kids preying on his payslip, then you better review your expectations if you want the relationship to work.

Add: “Do you see your kids (if he has)?” This will help you know if he is the responsible, caring type.

If he doesn’t have children, ask: “Do you want kids in the future?” – This would inform you if he’d want to have a family – if his answer is no, then know that man is out to have fun.

Why did your last relationship end?

Ladies, pay attention to his response, if he does play the blame game like most men do, then that guy could be on a mission to ‘hit and run’ and narrate the same script to another woman about you.

However, if he gives an honest portrayal of both parties doing wrong, then that man is mature – abeg, kill him with love!

Have you been tested for STDs in the past six months?

Girlfriend, know how you go about this, lest he thinks you want to ‘infect’ him.

This question will inform you on: if he cares about his sexual safety.

If he has never been tested for STIs, then chances are high he will never care about your sexual health.

What are your views on sex before marriage?

If he opposes your values, it’s a non-starter, if he’s going to change, he will change at the beginning.

Watch out on how he touches, converses with you in private – some men are so cunning!

They know where to press to render you motionless, breathless – and within no time, your knickers will be down on his bedroom floor, and he will be snapping his fingers; telling his friends: “Girl number ten, down!”

Have you invested your finances in any venture?

If he has invested in assets (like a house) he is more likely to invest in you and a family.

Do you watch porn regularly?

If he does, be sure he imagined you sprawling on his bed, and doing all those blue-film nonsensical fantasies on you; even before he decided to visualise you as a potential girlfriend – chances are high this kind of a man objectifies women, and has no long term intention with them – never fall prey of such egocentric characters.

Under this question, you can squeeze in his sexual history.

Beware: asking these questions all at once, may feel like an interrogation and that’s a real turn off.

Try and be natural as if they just slipped into your mind.

Some of them (questions) may seem full on, but one of the signs that he wants to take things seriously, is that he will be open and honest with you.

However, avoid asking him anything to do with his salary, unless you want to come across as a blatant gold-digger.