The burial ceremony of the late Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery was interrupted after a man “sent to resurrect” him jumped onto the podium.

The man identified as Anthony Njuguna claimed that he had been sent by the Holy Spirit to pray for late Nkaissery to rise from the dead.
“The spirit of the Lord sent me here, to come and fight the forces of death. If you allow me to go back there and pray for Gen Nkaissery; if he does not resurrect, feel free to kill me” said Anthony.


The man appeared shortly after Chief of Defense Forces, Gen Samson Mwathethe was addressing mourners forcing him to cut short his speech.

Security officers quickly apprehended the man and moved him away from the main tent before interrogating him.
He later revealed to Police officers that he had asked God to protect him until he reaches where the casket was placed.

“I told God that I would be coming to this place and asked Him to send his angels so that they could protect me until I reached where the casket was,” he told the security officers.

The guards were clearly at a loss as to how the man gained access to the podium, when some VIPs were being denied access to the tent.


Meanwhile in a separate development, Kenya fallen former super minister Nicholas Biwott requested to be buried in a bullet proof casket. It has arrived in the country. He was afraid someone can ‘shoot him dead in the grave’!